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If It's a Problem for You, It's a Problem for Me

Since being elected to the Executive Council, my focus has been on helping people throughout the 108 towns and 4 cities in District 1. My main areas of focus address issues that many North Country residents face in their everyday lives.



1. Constituent Service:


I have answered hundreds of constituent requests as a full time Councilor. Since being elected to the Executive Council in 2014, I have traveled over 120,000 miles throughout the seven counties in District 1 and have a 100% Governor & Council meeting attendance record. I have also expanded constituent outreach efforts to include social media platforms along with publishing weekly schedules and reports.




2. Combating the Opioid Crisis:


Last November the Executive Council approved the special legislative session on comprehensive substance abuse legislation. I’ve also built relationships with regional treatment facilities and worked closely with the Department of Health of Human Services to address treatment concerns.



3. Workforce and Economic Development:


I’ve attended numerous business seminars and meetings with local businesses. I’ve collaborated with state, county and federal government delegations to address business concerns regarding expansion and establishing business. I’ve also worked with many business owners and assisted them with permitting and regulatory issues by working with state and federal agencies. By working with Plymouth State University, I have worked to restructure the Executive Council Internship Program which gives students an inside look at state government and a cutomized carriculum based on their interests. Executive Council interns have gone on to lead careers in law, government, politics and business.



About The Executive Council


New Hampshire has long been known for its local politics and citizen participation. All state business, as ordered and ordained by the Legislature, is voted in public, and no other state enjoys such and open process between its Executive Department and its citizens. The New Hampshire Executive Council was created to ensure that our state maintained its fundamental principals of low taxes, limited government and local control.


The Governor and Executive Council combine to form the most accountable executive branch of government in the nation. The Council's primary function has always been to ensure a check and balance on the executive powers granted to the Governor. It has the authority and responsibility, together with the Governor, over the management and administration of the affairs of the state. As watchdogs of the state treasury, the Council approves all state expenditures and contracts greater than $25,000 in value. The Council appoints and confirms over 300 state employees including Court Justices, Military Officers, Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners.


The Council conducts management and oversight of the state's 10-Year Highway Plan. Most importantly, Executive Councilors are the constituent's eyes and ears in Concord. They are the conduit which the people use to make their voices heard in the Governor's office. The five Executive Councilors are elected from their individual districts from around the state and serve two-year terms, the same as all elected state officials in New Hampshire. We must make sure that the voices of the families, business owners, and town officials are heard at the executive level.

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