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  • Steven Connolly of Bethlehem to the Union Leader (August 23, 2016)

To the Editor: Executive Councilor Joe Kenney has taken a proactive stance toward creating jobs in the North Country.

During the past two years, I’ve contacted his office about everything from intermodal transportation to regional efforts to make northern New Hampshire competitive in a difficult economic climate. Just like his predecessor, Joe Kenney does respond!

I’ve found that Councilor Kenney has a proactive strategy in serving Executive Council District 1, including attendance at official state trade missions to Canada to encourage aerospace industries to locate and expand into New Hampshire. Hundreds of skilled jobs could be created with salaries, research, and development and infrastructure in the millions of dollars. 

Councilor Kenney now faces re-election. Littleton native Mike Cryans will be the Democratic nominee for Executive Council. In the last election, Kenney only defeated Cryans by 3.1 percent. Since then Kenney has voted against state contracts with Planned Parenthood, against alternative energy sources, and his position on Northern Pass is at best indecisive. All of this will cost votes.

Mike Cryans is running a strong campaign. His website says “constituent service — the most important priority to me, so it should be on the list twice.” Constituent service is important, especially in a rural district as large as this one. But the reality is that Cryans hasn’t talked about trade with Canada, creating skilled jobs or even how to improve the economy in the North Country. This will cost votes too. There is a difference between politicians that say and politicians that do.

  • Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett), Speaker of the New Hampshire House (March 12, 2014) 

“Joe ran an exceptional campaign in a very difficult district to navigate. This is a positive start for Republicans in a competitive election year. This should provide encouragement and incentive for Republicans to come forward and seek election to the NH House and other offices in 2014.”

“House Republicans are grateful to have Joe back in the State House and to have an additional Republican on the Executive Council to keep an eye on state spending and appointments. I’m sure he will be a worthy successor to my good friend Ray Burton. I and other House members look forward to working with him in Concord and at home in District 1.”

  • Rep. Jane Cormier of Alton to the Laconia Daily Sun (January 9, 2014)

To The Daily Sun,

I heartily endorse Joe Kenney for N.H. Executive Council - District 1.

Having met Joe Kenney at a recent GOP event, I have to say he is the man I will support in the upcoming primary special election for Executive Council. Joe seems to understand N.H. values and the importance of standing firm for small, accountable government. He has a solidly conservative voting record while serving in the N.H. Legislature and I believe he will continue to vote and advise in a likewise fashion if elected to the Executive Council.

My vote will be for Joe Kenney on January 21. Please join me in supporting his candidacy.

Rep. Jane Cormier

Belknap District 8


  • Former Mayor of Manchester and Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek to the Union Leader (March 9, 2014)

Let’s start out by saying what Joe Kenny is; he is an American hero who has spent more than 30 years defending this country as a Lt. Colonel In the U.S. Marine Corps. Joe has served in war zones, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to Joe’s exemplary military career, Joe has served the citizens of his community and the citizens of New Hampshire on the Wakefield Board of Selectmen (including as chairman of the board), in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. Joe Kenney is about public service.

I also knew Ray Burton well, having served with him for nearly 11 years on the Executive Council. Ray served the people of the 1st District well for the 35 years he was their executive councilor. Although nobody will take Ray Burton’s place, the person who will fill his shoes needs to be able to commit the time and have the right experience required to perform the job. The person who has the available time and experience is Joe Kenney. Joe has been personally endorsed by Ray Burton in his previous runs for both the Senate and governor, so along with the many endorsements Joe has, he also has the past endorsement of Ray Burton himself. When Joe Kenney was on the ballot, Ray Burton endorsed him because Joe shared many of the same values that Ray had, and Joe always had his constituents’ needs at the top of his list.

Having served on the Executive Council for 11 years, I know that to properly do the job, you need to devote a lot of time to reviewing the many important items that come before the governor and Executive Council at their meetings. You also need to be available and responsive to your constituents. Joe has the time and experience to properly do this job.

Being an executive councilor requires skills in making decisions that affect many lives. With his military experience and his State House experience, Joe is the only candidate who brings these qualities and will be ready to go from Day One. The district needs someone who can begin helping people Day One.

I would like to ask the voters of the 1st District to join me in supporting Joe Kenney for the open seat to fill the remaining portion of Ray Burton’s term on the Executive Council.

Ray Wieczorek formerly served as Manchester mayor and a member of the Executive Council.

  • Rep. Jane Cormier of Alton to the Laconia Daily Sun (Feb 21, 2014)

To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney is running a grassroots campaign in his election against Michael Cryans in the District 1 Executive Council seat.

In Thursday's Laconia Daily Sun, there was an article regarding Cryans receiving a "2 to 1 advantage in funds raised." For those who have been watching the political left's ability to raise funds, it is not surprising Cryans is 2-1 ahead. In New Hampshire, however, the candidate with the most money is not a "lock" for winning elections. In New Hampshire, the person with ideas, integrity, and a history of service can easily win with less money.

In fact, the Laconia Daily Sun had a similar article on Jan. 4, 2014, saying, "Republican Christopher Boothby of Meredith (Kenney's primary opponent) has raised more than twice as much money..." By the way, Chris Boothby lost that race.

I actually like the fact that Joe Kenney is willing to take $40,000 out of his own pocket to serve New Hampshire. It proves Joe has no problem putting his money where his mouth is. Those of us who know Joe, know he is a man of honor. Whether it was as a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps or a legislator with a 14-year conservative voting record, voters understand there is a real and substantive difference between the politically backed progressive that is Michael Cryans, and the humble public servant that is Joe Kenney.

Money is only one part of a political campaign. In the end, it is the voter with a ballot, that makes the difference. For those of you who are tired of government gone off the rails, get involved and make sure Joe Kenney is our representative for Executive Council District 1. Get the word out there. It is worth more than money.

Rep. Jane Cormier

Belknap District 8


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