Priorities and Issues


"If it is a problem for you, then it is a problem for me and let's solve it together.”

I have approached the job trying to build bridges and relationships with citizens, community leaders and others to make the position of Executive Council more accessible to the people. Too often, citizens do not know how to navigate state government and it has been my pleasure to help them.

I’ve attended numerous business seminars and meetings with local businesses. I’ve collaborated with state, county and federal government delegations to address business concerns regarding expansion and establishing business. I’ve also worked with many business owners and assisted them with permitting and regulatory issues by working with state and federal agencies.

My work as an Executive Councilor has had three main priorities.                                               

Constituent Service

  • 100% Governor & Meeting attendance. 
  • Over 150,000 miles driven throughout the 108 towns and 4 cities, and 23 unincorporated areas throughout District 1 in 4 years.
  • I have fielded hundreds upon hundreds of constituent calls, attended dozens and dozens of events and meetings, and visited over 100 businesses.
  • Continue to build on a strong outreach program: a newsletter is produced after each Governor & Council meeting and social media is used to connect with constituents.

Combating the Opioid Crisis

  • Voted to hold a special legislative session in Concord in order to push through legislation meant to combat substance abuse.
  • I’ve built relationships with regional treatment facilities and worked closely with the Department of Health of Human Services to address treatment concerns.

Workforce and Economic Development 

  • My office re-instituted the District 1 College Internship Program in 2015 and it now has the support from Plymouth State University as an accredited internship program. This program gives students the opportunity to have an inside look at state government and a customized curriculum based on their interests.
  • Continue to work with higher education institutions and the community college system to develop a future work force.
  • Formed close relationships with state agencies and department heads. I assisted in bringing NSA manufacturer from Vermont to Groveton and have directly encouraged Canadian businesses to move to NH. 
  • Work with the economic development corporations to create more New Hampshire jobs.
  • Continue to listen to the business community to get an understanding of what their needs and concerns.


On SB 365 concerning the New Hampshire biomass industry: (veto of SB 365) “means shutting down state biomass plants, which employ nearly a thousand people and contribute $254 million annually to the economy. And it takes 100 megawatts of energy out of the system, which we have to pay for elsewhere, so no money will be saved on our electric rates.” ( 9/9/2018)

Infrastructure: Work to shape the ten year highway plan to better assist our communities and transportation system in District 1.

Northern Pass:  I have spoken out against the Northern Pass project. This is one of the most monumental projects since probably Seabrook. It's going to potentially impact many generations if it goes through. So what I'm hearing from people are they're concerned about some of the processes right now with regards to the right away width up in Easton and Franconia and Clarksville, whether the high voltage direct currents can really be built underground, under the rivers and under these roadways. So that's the latest concern that I've heard with regards to this specific aspect of the project. But from the get go, the negatives have always outweighed the positives. In my judgment from the get go is it has not been a good deal in the sense that the power's going to be distributed into the New England grid. We're not going to see electricity rates go down. (NHPR, 8/20/2017)

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