• Joe on the road

  • Promoting travel and tourism

  • Fighting for community and economic development projects in Concord

  • Bringing the Governor and Executive Council to District 1

  • Keeping northern roads and infrastructure on the state 10-year highway plan

  • Combating the opioid crisis

  • Bringing local leadership groups to Concord

  • Constituent service

  • Helping local businesses navigate state government


Joe Kenney - Representing District 1 on the New Hampshire Executive Council


"If it's a problem for you, it's a problem for me and let's solve it together."


The biggest thing I’ve learned about the Executive Council is that you have to count to three. With 5 Executive Councilors, nothing gets past the Council without a 3-2 majority vote. This includes voting on appointments for more than 300 citizens to serve on various state agencies, boards and commissions, oversight of the state's 10 year Highway Plan (GACIT), and voting on all state contracts over $25,000. 

My focus has always been on helping constituents navigate the bureaucracy in Concord and helping businesses flourish with emphasis on manufacturing and tourism. I hope to earn your support on November 6th. 

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